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Lil' Ballerina

By Nclark
Lil' BallerinaFor Mother's Day, I decided to get pictures taken with my girls as ballerinas.  Finding a little tutu for the baby at the last minute was a bit difficult, so I decided to try making one.   I was surprised at how easy this was and I love how it turned out!  All this required was some elastic and some tulle.  I measured the elastic around the baby's waist so it fit snugly but not too tight - then just tied a knot to connect it.  For the tulle, I used 2 spools of soft nylon tulle, 25 yards on each spool. Using 12" pieces of tulle, I knotted them around the elastic until the skirt was full.  Being a newby at this project, it took me about 2 hours from start to finish - but I will definitely be making more of these fun tutu's for my girls!!  Next time around will be more adventurous with different colors of tulle, ribbon and embellishments.
Check out our ballerina Mother's Day pics on the I Heart Decorating Facebook page - I'll be posting them a bit later today!
Lil' Ballerina

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