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Like Trying to Push a Rope

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

In yesterday’s post I wrote about the value of doing things at half-speed to teach your body and brain the basic fundamentals.  Related to that is a saying that I think is helpful in getting players to buy into the “half-speed” concept.  The saying is “trying to push a rope.”

Of course, you cannot push a rope.  You can only pull it.  You grab one end, start walking, and the the rest of the rope follows automatically.  That’s why the saying is a good visualization for players in order to get them to occasionally train at half speed.  If players learn the basics first, they have a much easier time building in speed later.  Like pulling the rope, the basics are grasped/pulled first and speed comes along for the ride.  Try and master speed before you learn the basics and it will be like trying to push the rope.  

It doesn’t work.  Unfortunately, too many players think it will.

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