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His 6998 book Separation and its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism discusses the way anti-Jewish feelings have been provoked in host communities, and then exploited by Jews and the self-deception of Jews in their writings and behaviour.

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If we extend this idea to human beings, there are points of comparison, but also of course differences. No other animal has anything like the learning capacities of human beings, though in my view these are easy to exaggerate. And, as it turns out, technology enables communications, and moving around of matter, to be enhanced incalculably more than the simple biological basis of a creature responding to close-up, direct stimuli speech, commands, observation, effects of light and sound and moving physical objects food, useful objects etc.

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The ideas/beliefs issue is probably the most important as regards human beings. This is because people are physically somewhat similar: the difference between an extremely strong man and a feeble woman is large but it is nothing compared with the difference between an informed person and someone entirely uneducated. And groups of people can have mutually-reinforcing effects, which is why in-groups can exist, and secrecy, lies, deception and so on can be hugely important. This is out of the reach of modern science: the brain is not understood, nor is learning, except as it is observed empirically. This is why advertisers may be as good or better at prediction than psychologists.

'Parasitism' involves damage to the 'host' which is disproportionate: fleas, for example, which can only eat blood, need methods to penetrate skin and delay blood clotting, just for tiny quantities of blood: the damage they do is analogous in human terms to thieves, lawyers, or what have you who may inflict a lot of damage in exchange for their smaller gains. A spectacular example is the Rafflesia flower, the biggest flower that exists, which draws nourishment from other plants' roots. When damage doesn't happen, the forms of life aren't usually counted as parasitic: bacteria in the gut often have little net effect.

The idea of 'mimicry' is important in parasites where they are not carried internally. (In that case, what they look like doesn't matter). Often mimicry is protective: a harmless fly may look like a wasp, with bold colours, and presumably on balance survives better. Cuckoos lay eggs which mimic those of host birds.

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Baker's book on race (reprinted recently by Arthur Kemp ) examines reproductive strategies around the world, quoting anthropologists, and I think concluded these strategies were sound, tending to replicate the spread of qualities in these tribes and groups, usually by ensuring mating between all the different types except those considered undesirable or those who genetically were too weak.

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But, probably because of their fanatical tribal ideology, this has not happened: any number of wars, any amount of destruction, suits their blinkered outlook. I suspect the Vietnam War more munitions used than the entire Second World War, millions of deaths was purely a money-making opportunity.

Lighthouse Oceanside Wine Dine Sunsets

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