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Lifestyle | McBusted - Reliving My Childhood

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie

Lifestyle | McBusted - Reliving my childhoodLifestyle | McBusted - Reliving my childhoodIf I have one weakness when it comes to music, it's boybands. You wouldn't guess that I am turning twenty one this year (when did that even happen?) as I'm head over heels for every single boyband on the market. When I heard that James & Matt from Busted were teaming up with the boys from McFly to make one heck of a supergroup, I'm pretty sure that heart palpitations occurred. There was no-one in the house to celebrate with me so I grabbed my 'Busted - A Ticket For Everyone' DVD and soaked up all those nostalgic vibes.

Ten years ago when Busted were at their prime I was a huuuuge fan. The collection of memorabilia I still have is a tiny little bit ridiculous; Everything from a tour t-shirt to their very last interview in Smash Hits magazine. So when the tickets were released I was sat with my Mam's card at the ready to purchase some tickets and almost cried when I got some, almost. I went to see them at the back end of last month in Newcastle and I just wanted to let you know how amazing it was.I'd seen Busted and McFly separately (I told you I love boybands) so to see them perform together was a dream come true. I was so pleased at the set list, as much as I adore McFly, it was great to hear so many Busted songs live again. Kicking it off with the well-known Air Hostess, I knew that this was going to be an amazing show. With strobe lights, fire, a flying car, UFO center stage and a giant inflatable pair of 'triple boobs' - I couldn't of wished for anything better. Not only are they brilliant performers, they are excellent musicians too. After ten years, I'm still in love with James Bourne and his little skinny legs...

Lifestyle | McBusted - Reliving my childhood

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