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Lifestyle | Being Each Others Biggest Cheerleaders

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Lifestyle | Being Each Others Biggest CheerleadersApologies if you have came to this post expecting pom-poms, a ra-ra skirt and some 'GO TEAM' chants. Today I am discussing support and why we should not be afraid to be each other's biggest cheerleaders...
When I first came in to this whole blogging world madness I was overwhelmed with all the support that I witnessed bloggers giving each other. Seeing strangers comment on each others writing, photography, make-up skills and personal style was so pleasing to see and really warmed my heart. I suppose you never know what kind of day someone may be having, and such a comment could really turn their whole mood around; I know that this has certainly been my case sometimes, especially recently. It is a community where you can feel safe and you know that there is always someone on the end of a tweet to help you out if needs be; Whether it be something personal, or blog related.
I think the turning point was when the whole 'Guru Gossiper' reveals came about, where profiles were found to be held by some bloggers in the community. People began to feel betrayed by people they considered as friends and I can't begin to imagine how awful it must have been to witness negative and downright hurtful comments being wrote about not only your blog, but you as a person. It really made me angry that people felt like they could say such things and get away with it - Like most I am firmly against online trolling, whether anonymous or not it is a cowardly thing to do and whatever we can do to combat it must be done.
Although I have definitely seen a more positive vibe amongst the community, I really think that we can strive for better. Now is the time to take a stand and be each other's biggest cheerleaders by supporting one another's endeavours, choices and opportunities. It is far too often I see bloggers being offered amazing opportunities and people are quick to shoot them down and attack them for it. It's easy and very natural to become jealous of people in this industry (and life in general!), but voicing it in a negative manner is really unfair and can turn bitter. Take that jealousy and turn it into something positive and reflect it on yourself to make you want and aspire to improve.
This is not just limited to the blogging world either, it transfers into general 'real time' life too. Girls have been brought up in this day's society to be each other's enemy and raised to be in competition with each other but that just not how it goes. We are all in this race together and if you feel like it isn't happening for you right now, it is! It's just happening in a very different way and your time to shine that little bit brighter will come too. For now, be patient, be kind and reap the benefits of having good karma.
Take this opportunity to go and compliment one of your friends, or even better, someone you are not particularly close to! Or maybe go and spread some love on some of your favorite blogs, remind them how fabulous they are, CHEERLEAD for them! A great video to watch, which kind of has a similar message to this, is this one by Meg, Laura and Emma. Let me know your thoughts on this down below, do you think you could do better to support others?
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