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Lifestyle | 5 Things A Year On From University

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Lifestyle | 5 Things A Year On From UniversityLifestyle | 5 Things A Year On From UniversityNext month marks a whole year since I handed in that glorified dissertation and waved goodbye to University for the last time. So what's it been like since then?1 | Life can get harder. If you thought that the biggest pain of your life was your dissertation, life will sure as hell throw a million and one harder things your way. But what's life without a challenge? Life would be so boring if we just sailed on simply through, but damn I miss going to the pub at 11 am on a Tuesday morning on a weekly basis. Because you had to pre-drink an Accounting lecture, am I right?
2 | Your degree in practice is SO much different - at least, mine was. They plowed the theory in super, super hard and I have only touched on it a handful of times. I have had to teach myself so much more of Marketing in practice within a business. I'm sure this is not always the case. If your degree is a lot more practical and hands on, I can imagine that you'll take a lot of what you learn with you. But if your degree is a bit more, erm, flexible (is that the right word? probably not), it may take a little more adjusting to working life!
3 | Friendships become a bit more difficult. I LOVE my University friends, they make my heart super happy, but people move away and people are busy. However, those times you do come together (most likely featuring alcohol), cherish them with every ounce of your being! Make the effort to send that text and keep up the conversations. It's another time in your life when friendships tend to change slightly, which is something to be aware of. I wrote a post about friendships here, which might just tickle your pickle.
4 | Your time is just gone. As much as I do enjoy my job, 9 - 5 does my head in, ha! In the afternoon my motivation dips and always has done. I'm a complete morning and evening person. The afternoon, I'm out-ie. You really begin to appreciate every single hour you have at home, so make sure you fill every spare moment with doing something you love. (But remember to still like, do the washing and adult stuff like that).
5 | You 'realise stuff'. Yup, just like global superstar Kylie Jenner once said, this is they year you just 'realise stuff'. You realize what you don't want from a job as well as what you do and again, you realize just how bloody easy University life was. I miss my diet of cheesy chips and beans. You realize just how quickly your life is rushing by and that yes, you can definitely not hide from being an adult anymore. The big bad world is waiting, and boy, am I ready for it.
Megan. xo
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