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Lifestyle | 23 Things Turning 23

By Megan Lillie @meganjanelillie
Lifestyle | 23 Things Turning 23

So today I turn 23, which according to Blink-182 means this year nobody is going to like me - HA. Brilliant. Here are 23 things now I'm turning...

1 | Once you hit 18, life FLIES by. Whoooosh. I've been allowed to legally drink alcohol for five years now, and that alone shows how fast time is passing. 
2 | People let you down over and over again and it's usually the people who you least expect, too. Try not to have the highest of expectations of others.
3 | But, the above is a blessing in disguise. The letting down of some leads you to new and exciting people - sometimes those ones are unexpected friendships too!
4 | Family will always be there. Despite many an argument over the smallest of things, your family will always come through when you need them.
5 | Adulting is shitting hard, man. My life has gone from super easy living to getting a mortgage in the blink of an eye and it is not a walk in the park. How many different types of insurance does one person need?!
6 | It's totally okay to eat that extra slice of cake, have a 'share bag' to yourself and slob around in your pyjamas the whole weekend. Hey, even watch Grease Live three times in two days (Yes, I did this). You deserve it, boo.
7 | On the other hand, if you want to wear EVERY single makeup product you own all at once, you do that too, boo! Slap all three Naked palettes onto your eyes, you deserve to feel your best.
8 | Pretty much what I was saying above, not everybody is going to like you and soon enough, you really won't give a damn about it either. L8rz H8rz.
9 | You still don't have a friggin' clue what you are going to do with your life.
10 | That little bit of weight that everybody said you didn't have, soon starts to catch up with you. But it's okay from September onwards because you need that extra warmth in Winter, right?
11 | There becomes a sudden realisation of what you need from a friendship and it moulds those relationships into something much more meaningful. 
12 | You totally understand your style, most of the time. You know what type of clothes suit you most and what shapes you could stay away from. 23-year-old Megan still can't pull off a bodycon dress - no way!
13 | The acknowledgement that you can't handle alcohol as much as you used to, and hangovers ARE in fact, worse. 
14 | A night in with a takeaway Chinese and bottle of wine often sounds one million, trillion times better than going out 'clubbing'. 
15 | & on those odd occasions when you do go out, who needs those sky high Topshop heels when you can have cosy Primark flats and come home at 4am with NO blisters?!
16 | You will still refer to everyone who is younger than you as 'twelve', regardless of if they are eighteen or not!
17 | You still do a little nervous wee when anyone even mentions the words 'marriage' or 'children' because you've only just left college? What? I HAVEN'T?! 
18 | Yes, I can still love Busted ten years later... 
19 | Don't feel guilty about coming in from work and watching about five to fifteen episodes of a series without even moving. Do I want to continue watching Netflix? Of course, I do!
20 | You don't have to make yourself fancy curries or salads for tea. Whack those turkey dinosaurs in and have them with a side of spaghetti hoops will ya? Avocado? Where's my coco pops!?
21 | Being yourself around people becomes one of your favorite things in the world. You learn who you can be 100% you around, and they are the people who make you shine.
22 | Life teaches you to realize just how much you are worth and you start to not settle for anything less. 
23 | But most importantly, you learn that life is just beginning.
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