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Life Through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition

By Livingnotes @livingnotesnyc
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ this letter to Santa melted my heart. I bet this "I love you. Love, Nadya" is the sweetest end of the note Santa ever received in his mail ^^
With Christmas around the corner, life is full of magic around here. Old bones and all, but we - and particularly i - are enjoying this "no-snow" Christmas, probably, more then we ever did before. There is time for everything, there is a place for all things. 10 years ago we couldn't imagine our winters without snow boots, fluffy coats and snowy streets, but today we are saying prayers of gratitude for the blessing to live in the place with a climate of SF. Gets plenty cold to need a jacket, a hat at times and boots, which is just about the type of a climate that my dancing bones  ( and Nadya's preemie lungs) appreciate greatly. Christmas spirit in all over the streets of San Francisco and here is to what it makes it "ours":{ps : it seemed to long of the post to load all 50+ pics in, so i broke it two. here is part one}
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ old bookstores. we were a little sad to see no Barnes & Noble in SF at first, but it was not long until we realized that the streets are filled with private bookshops and we love them even more. this Green Apple Bookstore is our favorite - the collection of books is fantastic and huge, the kids have an entire floor to themselves filled with rare books and i have so much to say about it, that it will need to be an entirely separate post ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ finding things to put on a letter to santa got to be the favorite tradition ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ we thought we'd brave the crowds for the tree lighting at union square, and crazy as it was, it might just have been one of the best things we've done so far ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas EditionLife through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ and we even made it ALL the way to the tree. and even though you can't see 1000 people that are around us, hearing those "aaah! wow!" and seeing those little eyes light up was all my mama's heart needed ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^...  and some hot tea, coffee and cocoa for warming up. that night was rather chilly ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ we found ourselves wondering into the tree lot on one of the weekends. those little urban forests that appear all over the city fill the streets with christmas spirit regardless of whether the temps are in negatives or mid 60s ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ walked on this beauty on the way from little italy one sunday afternoon. gorgeous. even if not christmas related ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ embarcadero center had some beautiful displays - another post to follow as soon as i sort through all the pictures - but i'd give much to be a child again. after a day full of walking all over, when 8 pm hits, i am DONE. but not those little people. it's like their day is just started at 7:59 ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ our little insta-mood booster. this face reads:" merry christmas and a happy new EAR" ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ we hit CA Academies a few times again. some days for learning... ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^... and others for things like real SNOW exhibit INSIDE the museum. So, SF Christmas is a white  Christmas after all ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ and we ran into some pretty cool Santa's reindeer. if you combine that with the fact that we also ran into Santa at the tree lighting who asked the kids if they saw his reindeer, because they ran away, the level of child happiness was blew the top off any measuring device ^^ 
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas EditionLife through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ hot chocolate is what a dr ordered ( or mama in this case) on any chilly after-the-play-ground night. a christmas tree at boudine's in fisherman's wharf made it even extra special ^^Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition^^ another night, another magic. a SF Ballet Nutcracker show on the Dome at Westfield. no words needed - just look at the little faces ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ an evening trip to see the REAL Santa. by their declaration, Macy's had the one they liked this year, so Macy's it was ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ everyone needs a little Santa Land in their lives ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition^^ the moment of waiting for their turn ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas Edition ^^ and the sweetest Santa we've ever met, with some very clever answers. for example, to a request " please, i would like to have an invisibility cloak", the answer was " well, you see, the problem is, because it is invisible, you won't be able to find it, or even if you do, it will most likely to get lost again... i'd be very sad to see you sad... is there anything else i may get you to make you happy? ". To see the understanding in the child's eyes, and realization that , yes, indeed, the invisibility cloak may not be the best option, and STILL have the belief and magic of Chrismas... I love you, Santa for ever for keeping it one more year for my oldest one. It is just about that time when in just a little bit he will join the "santa's helpers" club, making it one step into the adulthood and one step out of childhood. I give much to let him still be a child, even if for just one more day. (ps: the helicopter in red settled the request list ) ^^
Life through INSTAGRAM : Christmas EditionWishing light, joy and happiness in your home during this magical season!  PS: we also gave in to IG videos, and you can take a glimpse into our little Fisherman's Wharf "warm up night" here and here, and our typical Sunday night "Starbucks run" here and here.

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