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Life Size X-Wing Is Largest LEGO Ever Built

Posted on the 24 May 2013 by Gerard @presurfer
Life Size X-Wing Is Largest LEGO Ever Built
An enormous Star Wars X-Wing spaceship has landed in New York's Times Square. It took 32 master builders more than five million LEGO bricks and 17,000 hours to put together the full-scale replica of the Star Wars fighter. The X-Wing is the largest LEGO model in history. It's as big as the real thing and would be capable of fitting the real Luke Skywalker inside.
The full scale mode imitates the official $60 LEGO 9493 X-Wing Fighter - except it's just 42 times larger. However instead of just 560-pieces and a few inches in length, this model uses more than five million pieces. It's 11-feet tall, 43-feet long and has a 44-foot wingspan.
(thanks Cora)

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