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Life’s a Boomerang!

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

“The game of life is like the game of boomerangs, deeds and words return to us sooner or later with astounding accuracy” –Florence Skinner

Life’s a Boomerang!
It is a truth! Life is a boomerang!  What you put in you get back, what you reap you will surely sow!  If you are there for others, it will amaze you that in the time of need others will be there for you!  Unfortunately, the adverse is also true, when you neglect others then in your time of need others will not give you a second thought!  You may argue this point, and I have heard it a thousand times, “all my sacrifices, all the hard work and care I have given others and look it never pays off”.  Watch out, it certainly does and if it hasn’t yet, it will.

One way or another our deed come back to either enrich us, or haunt us!  What you put into life, it will eventually come back to you in the same form or in another, in the same intensity in which you threw it out, it will come back to you!  Just watch out, sometimes without you even realizing it, it might come back and hit you from behind when you least expect it!  This is true in your daily interactions, in your business and in your love life, what you real you will sow, what you invest you will earn back with interest and when you love unconditionally love will come back in wonderful way.

This is a natural truth and it is believed regardless of your beliefs, a Christian believes what you reap you sow, Hindis believe in Karma, and Buddhist are quick to burn what they wish to send to their ancestors for eternal use.  The fact of the matter is,  whether you  believe it or not, it is coming back your way,  just keep your eyes peeled, all four of them, because it could hit you from behind if you are not careful!

The secret is in what you give out, your return will reflect in quality and intensity!  If you are negative and go around sowing hatred, negativity, and doom, most likely that will be what you will also see coming back at you.  Instead, if you are giving out love, courtesy and kindness, you will find the same coming back you way!  Just try it out, you will see if you haven’t already taken notice in your life, the more you love, the more you will have love in return!  The more you hate, complain and grip the more negativity you will be faced with in return!

Knowing this fact, it comes down to, what do you want in life?  Do you enjoy being on a constant bummer, or do you enjoy the ecstasy of  love and positivity? I have even experienced on Twitter those who have taunted me with their negative comments to try to counter what I might have shared about positivity, it is fine by me, if they want to live in that world, then may they drown in it, but as for me, I will choose love!

Have you experienced the effect of the boomerang in your life?  What are you sowing?

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