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Life On Planet GOOP - Wardrobe Edition

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
I'm feeling particularly diva-ish lately - rocking my strapless maternity mumu and flip flops. I was thinking, Hey - it's spring. Maybe I should get some pastels. Naturally, I want to see what other divas are recommending for a Spring wardrobe redux. Let's head over to GOOP and see what Gwynie has to say.

The Annual Spring Edit

Back by popular request, here is our third annual spring fashion edit of NET-A-PORTER. Find inspiration for outfits for all aspects of your busy life.Love,
Before we even start, I'd just like to say I love the signing-your-name-with-two-lowercase-initials-thing. Minimalist. Simple. Common. Of-the-people. Good Job.

Let's start with outfit number one.

Life On Planet GOOP - Wardrobe Edition
I've always thought that Michael Jackson's look from the "Bad" video would make a great look for spring.  Except updated - with pants that any woman with hips could never wear. Just kidding. I actually really like this look. I would rock a red leather jacket for sure. But the pants would make my already bootylicious butt take on circus freak-show proportions. I'm going to click on every link to see how much this ensemble would run me.
Glossed-leather biker jacket
Laddered wool sweater 
Hinged rose gold-plated ring

Studded leather iPad case

The Grand Prix leather-paneled twill leggings-style jeans

Satin-trimmed leather pumps

Four thousand, seven hundred and seventy three dollars.  Lindy West at Jezebel did the math. Gwynie's entire spring recommendations ensemble would run you $458,003. 
Baahhahahahahahhahaaaahhaaa. Dying.

The End.

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