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Life of Street Childrens

By Amitsp
Life of Street Childrens
I know that most of us had experience when you are enjoying the food at street and the beggar approached you for money. If you are accompany with women, you will definitely give little money to beggar but I don’t. Rupees does not the matter, but future is wholly depend on the current habit of that Child beggar. If you pay them, they will continue to begging and their parents will force them continuously.     
It is very difficult to imagine the lifestyle of the homeless street children’s. Their common job is rag-picking, in which boys and girls as young as 6 years old sift through garbage in order to collect recyclable material in other way round. Many street children also face harassment by municipal authorities and police. There is no need to say that India is one of the countries where many street children’s can be seen in addition to China, Russia, Africa and so on. 
I don’t know when the day will come when no one will be residing on street. But don’t know why it is not possible??. Why the number of street children’s is increasing??  It always makes me sad to see and specially when they ask me for one rupee or two rupee. The question is not of rupee but there is question of self dependence.We all have to join our hands to change our society and systems. Try to participate social activity as many possible as you can.
Atleast one thing I knows, poverty is not the only reason for such lifestyle. Since I am not economist or president, i can’t find the actual and factual reason for same and to what extent it is increasing, why it is increasing, and how it can be solved.
Many organizations are working on rehabilitation of homeless children’s as saw in movies and televisions but never found in practical life yet. To what extent they are taking effective steps.
Once I had read one of the articles on Beggars. One of the beggar was having 3 flat in Nalasopara (Mumbai) and he daily travel to Dadar (Mumbai) for bagging for money. I was shock. It is just like business. I feel so bad that they broken the trust of many general public including me. That news was published in many newspapers and television news channels.  
I know that I am not the only person who has posted picture on street child. But still wanted to express the feelings.

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