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Life of Ninety Minutes

By Atulsharmasharma
A man in UK went to a dentist for root canal treatment. He was provided with a local anaesthetic. The root canal took one hour. After that what happened is really spooky? The man was left with only a memory of up to Ninety Minutes. This man is fully aware of his identity. His personality is intact. He wakes up every morning thinking it is the same day he went to dentist. He goes on with his life by the help of an electronic diary and prompts. Though as per his clinical psychologist, Dr. Gerarld Burgess of university of Leicesler who’s seeing this man for a decade that there is no need to worry, we should not blame the anaesthetic. It must not be really worrying but it is terrifying.  A life of Ninety Minutes
Those of us, who have watched the movie Fifty Dates, might remember how the heroine after meeting with an accident lost her memory partially.

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