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Life of A Small YouTuber #2

By Luce Stephenson @Luce_Stephenson
Ever wondered what it's like to be a YouTuber? Receiving loads of 'freebies', going to cool YouTube events? Well it's not all rainbows and glitter, there's more to being a Small YouTuber and it's time for me to show a more realistic look...Life of A Small YouTuber #2
Welcome to my 'A Week in the Life of a Small YouTuber' series! This week goes in depth into my weekly routine, my job as a Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner and my struggles with my mental health. I don't hide anything and I'm so scared to share this week with you all... but if it helps just one of you to know you aren't alone and to show how my mental health can impact me and to spread awareness... then it's 100% worth it. I show a side to me that my family and Blake very rarely see, I'm totally vulnerable and please be aware of this when it comes to any comments etc. This is my real life 💜

Life of A Small YouTuber #2
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