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Life Lately...

By Nfldratheart @nfldratheart
Things are busy around the NaH household. Pip is getting closer to 3 than 2, and just never stops. He even decided that afternoon naps are no longer a necessity, which sometimes makes for a cranky afternoon. And Emi is 3.5months already! I'm just not sure how the time is passing so quickly, but I better hang onto my hat, because it is going amp up even more.
I just found out recently that I am headed back to work early this year. Towards the end of March I will be back to work full time, and Emi will only be 5months old. This is proving to be a lot of work as she has absolutely no interest in a bottle, and without one she will be one little grump. But I am trying to have a positive outlook and hope that things will get easier.
Life Lately...  The other business in this household revolves around outdoor play, crafting and teaching. I organized an outdoor play group for Pip and other children around his age. The first one was a pretty big hit. We all bundled up, and went into the back yard to learn about some of the animals that are awake and active this time of the year. It is so amazing to watch children exploring the great outdoors. I am hoping to run some more in the future, and keep these kids learning about the world around them.
I am also gearing up for some rug-hooking activities, as well as a baby food workshop I will be instructing. More on those activities later.
How are things in your neck of the woods? Have any fun outside lately?

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