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Life is Like a Bowl of Cereal.

By Scarlettandstephen
Life is like a bowl of cereal.
Life is like a bowl of cereal.

Sometimes I look at him across the room at Stephen when he doesn’t realize it and just give thanks to God for this amazing man in my life.  Even as I write this, he looks up from his iPad, looks at me, asks what I’m doing and I respond “Writing about you” with my devilish smile.  He just smiles back, and goes back into the zone of his iPad.  There was no grand gesture, no over the top romance, no flowers, no chocolate hearts, but in the little moments like that, I learn through our marriage, the exchange of a smile is what true love is all about.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t deserve Stephen’s love.  It’s the way he’s the most selfless person ever.  Without thinking, when he walks out of a room, he immediately asks “Do you need anything I can get for you?”  Or the way he walks back into a room, and as he walks by me he gives me a kiss and says “I love you!” with so much joy in his eyes. I always ask “Why?”  And he always responds “Why do you need to ask?  I just do.”  I don’t know what I did to deserve such selfless love, but I am thankful for it each time he tells me he loves me without me having to ask.  He always reminds me of God’s love, how much we don’t deserve it, yet, He loves us just because.

Since being married, I’ve realized too, our love is kind of like our cereal bowls.  It’s not about being the same person with the same appetite for life, but being two different people with different tastes, like his bowl and my bowl, who help make each other better people.
Life is like a bowl of cereal.

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