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Life Insurance Shock and The Lady In The Mirror!

I want to share with you a story that sent shivers down my spine but perfectly illustrates why you need to think very seriously about Life Insurance, whatever your age!

I don’t know where the story originated from – or even if it’s true. It was told to me by a colleague, so here goes…

A happy, normal middle aged couple live in a nice suburban semi-detached house in Southern England.

We’ll call them Katie & George.

Nothing out of the ordinary here until…
Katie and George are getting ready for a well-deserved Saturday night meal and Katie is sitting at her dressing table putting on her make up.

Suddenly she gets a fleeting glimpse of a lady standing behind her. Katie spins round and sees nothing.

She thinks to herself that perhaps she has been working a little bit too hard and this night out is a very welcome break.

The next few days pass by without any further incident until…

One morning Katie was getting ready for work and sitting at her dressing table putting her make up on.

She notices the lady in the mirror again and spins around but again, the lady is nowhere to be seen.

Kate is not so quick to dismiss this occurrence as ‘tiredness’.

These visions or visitations began to happen more regularly and when they did, Katie didn’t feel frightened or threatened but she did tell her husband, George.

Surprisingly, he believed her.

Indeed, George actually sees the lady himself but only through the mirror.
George However, did say that they should deal with the situation.

After much research on the internet, they decide to call in a diviner (a sort of exorcist).

The day arrives when the diviner’s appointment is due and Katie and George invite him in.

They explained to the diviner that they had no religious beliefs and the diviner said that didn’t matter.

Katie, George and the diviner head upstairs to the bedroom where the visitations usually happened. The diviner says to Katie and George that they should merely observe and remain silent and not get involved.

The diviner starts on his procedure and all is quiet until the diviner suddenly looks up at the horrified faces of Katie and George.

They were looking in the direction of a spot right next to the diviner.
The lady in the mirror was standing right next to the diviner!

The diviner, looks next to him and sees the lady. He controls his initial shock and says to the lady, “Its alright. You can go now.

With that, the lady smiles at the diviner and suddenly disappears.
Since then, there have been no further visitations.

In the meantime, Katie was having coffee with a neighbor when the conversation turns to the previous owners of Katie’s house.

The previous owner was a very proud lady who lived there with her husband.

They both absolutely loved the house.

Apparently the husband was on his way home from a business meeting when there was a fatal crash on the motorway.

It turned out that the husband had no Life Insurance and due to the ensuing financial difficulties the lady was forced to sell the house that she loved so much.

Except she didn’t sell the house – she hung herself in the bedroom!


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