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How Long Does Kratom Stay in Our System?


When Kratom is taking in, it usually takes 10 – 15 minutes to show effects and possessions. If Kratom is take in low dose then it may remain in the body for approximately 2 hours only. On the other hand, if Kratom is taken in high dose then it may stays in the body for round about 8 hours. Apart from the dose taken there are some other factors which influence the stay of Kratom in our system.

  • Factors which influence the stay of Kratom in our system:

As mentioned above, dose is not a single factor on which Kratom depends. The stay of Kratom depends on some other important factors. These factors determine as well as decide that how long Kratom is going to stay in or body? Factors which influence the stay of Kratom in our system include:

  • Age
  • Body fats
  • Genetics
  • Intake of water and food

Just like the dose, these factors also plays a very vital role in deciding that how long Kratom is going to stay in the system of any individual. One more thing, all of these factors will collectively not decide the stay of Kratom. Any one among all will decided that Kratom is going to hang for a long time or a short time. The details if the above mentioned factors are as follow:

  1. Age:

The age of the individual is very important in decide the hang about of Kratom in our system. Typically in the old age people, Kratom will stay longer. In the young people Kratom will stay for the less time. There are many reasons for the long hang of Kratom in elder peoples. People above the age of 65 will enjoy the possessions of Kratom for a pretty longer time.

  • Body fats:

Body fat is another factor on which the stay of Kratom depends. Kratom is fats soluble. Therefore, the individuals having more body fats will have Kratom for a long time in their body but the peoples who have less body fats will not be able to feel the effects of Kratom for longer duration.

  • Genetics:

Kratom stay also depends upon the genetics. The genes and enzymes play a vital role in keeping or eliminating Kratom for the body of the individuals.

  1. Intake of food and water:

Intake of food and water also decides that Kratom will hang for a long time in the system or not? If fats containing food is taken after ingesting Kratom then Kratom will not leave the body quickly. This is because Kratom is fats soluble. On the other hand, drinking excess of water after taking in Kratom will eliminate the Kratom very quickly from the body. This is because drinking more water will cause excess of urine and in this way Kratom will get out of the body through urine.

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