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Life in The 80s

By Friday23

After the great birthday bash on Saturday evening followed by the slide show and movie of my life dug out by a grand-daughter, I feel I’m over the hump so to speak and from now on it’s all going to be downhill. On the other hand a voice is shouting at me from somewhere inside saying ‘get your ass in gear – it’s a whole new challenge’. I’ve already found out that I am in no place for the weak-hearted and I have proven many times that the couch is the easiest and the most comfortable way to spend time. 

Does it feel different? In many ways it does, but it’s not a physical thing, rather a sense of achievement at having arrived safely. Having grown up in a world where life expectancies were about 20 years less one, one eventually expects that you will follow suit. So in many ways, as my ex-neighbor who was in his late 80s used to say, “I am surprised every day”.

The trick now is to remain healthy and occupied. The healthy part only depends partially on me – most of it has to do with good genes. I am kept occupied, working a few hours on some, but not all days. This is due to a boss who hopefully has forgotten my age and who I never see, so he is not reminded. Then there is the crossword and the blog and I may learn to play bridge when I retire. Bridge is a major activity here in the retirement home but I walk past occasionally and take a good look at the players – it’s the bridge that’s making them look so old?

And then there is the painting. Finally I am Old so it should be a short step to becoming an Old-Master, right?   

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