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Life in Pieces

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Now that the basement is about done, we started planning how the room would work. We already had a television and stand, as well as a table and chairs in the basement. What we needed was a couch.

The stairs down to the basement have a very narrow turn at the bottom. We measured a few ways we might get a couch into the basement. We looked a a lot of options from slipper chairs to bean bag chairs to a sleeper coach. The girls really wanted a couch, so we started trying to figure out how to make it work.

The answer, of course, was that the couch had to come in pieces. This meant that we were headed to Ikea. 

One Saturday night, the brunette twin joined us for a couch hunting trip. Armed with room dimensions and a measuring tape, we looked at multiple options. Did we want two love seats? A regular coach? An L-shaped couch? We measured and discussed and analyzed each option. 

Eventually we found a couch that can turn into a double bed. It was pale pink, which met one of the brunette twin's requirements. She wanted a "fun color" couch. It wasn't the bright yellow coach she really wanted, but it wasn't brown, black or gray.

We not only measured the total coach size, we asked about each box. It was one thing to know that the final product would fit. It was another thing to wonder if the boxes themselves would fit down the stairs. 

We left excited about our choice. The brunette twin couldn't wait to tell her sister about our adventure. One more piece was done. Now we just had to wait for the delivery.

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