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  • 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Fall and Winter

    Ways Prepare Your Home Fall Winter

    Every home in an area that can see below freezing weather must be prepared for the winter. Freezing temperatures can occur suddenly and without warning. This ca... Read more

    The 07 October 2013 by   Djridings
  • 5 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

    Things Look When Buying Home

    When you are on the search for your perfect home you might be overwhelmed by the amount of things to look for. After all, you want to make sure you cover... Read more

    The 06 October 2013 by   Djridings
  • Trinity is STILL MY Name

    Trinity STILL Name

    Hi there! My name is Trinity (Berchtold) Burbank. But my friends and family call me Trin. Many of you find the name familiar from the Positively Shining Faceboo... Read more

    The 31 October 2013 by   Mspositivity
  • The Krishna Key by Ashwin Sanghi – a Review

    Krishna Ashwin Sanghi Review

    Title: The Krishna Key Author: Ashwin Sanghi Publisher: Westland Number of pages: 464 Genre: Thriller My Verdict: I was checking out some books in the thriller... Read more

    The 06 October 2013 by   Saurabh2461986
  • Speaking Engagement: Raising Non-Violent Boys

    Speaking Engagement: Raising Non-Violent Boys

    I’m passionate about ending domestic violence. I often write about the topic on my website, Mocha Dad, and on other platforms. Read more

    The 15 October 2013 by   Frederickjgoodall
  • Eid-ul-Adha


    Eid ul Adha or Feast of Sacrifice is celebrated by Muslims all around the world as an act of submission to Allah. It honours the willingness of prophet Abraham... Read more

    The 16 October 2013 by   Cifarshayar
  • Recognizing Lies and Beating Them with Truth

    Recognizing Lies Beating Them with Truth

    If you write fiction, you may know all about crafting lies that drive your characters, but have you ever had to beat the lies in your own real-life story? As I... Read more

    The 09 October 2013 by   Writerinterrupted
  • Life’s Transitions: When the Writing Slows Down

    Sometimes interruptions in life bring about transition. Sometimes the transitions are welcomed like a new baby or bigger home, other times they are devastating... Read more

    The 07 October 2013 by   Writerinterrupted
  • Moral Premise Workshop Week 1 – Ironic Hook

    Moral Premise Workshop Week Ironic Hook

    I’m going to spend the next few months going through the story creation steps outlined in Stanley Williams’ excellent book, The Moral Premise. Read more

    The 08 October 2013 by   Writerinterrupted
  • Who Am I ?

    I am a little reserved because of my weight and I am not found everywhere I live below the sand, and they mine to get me and my family out All my family ever... Read more

    The 26 October 2013 by   Sahi

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