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Life Changing Moment

By Philmonk
My Life Changing Moment

My life changing moment

One day I will never ever forget is the day my little girl came into this world.

Watching my wife give birth was the most amazing and the coolest thing I have ever seen, or will ever likely see in my life.

When people tell you that having kids will change your life you don’t really believe it. I remember family and friends telling us to make the most of being able to do what we want when we wanted, and how life would never be the same again.

Of course we nodded, agreed and made the right noises, secretly thinking deep down that it wouldn’t change us that much, we’re still us, a baby won’t change that.

How wrong could we have been!

I don’t think you ever really appreciate how much of a life changing moment it is until it happens to you. Your friends and family can tell you all about becoming a mum or a dad but until you experience it you have no way of knowing just how much.

Having a child changes everything, your routine, day to day life, your social life and for me the biggest impact is the relationship with your partner. It’s no longer just the two of you, there is this little person that, like it or not, demands a hell of a lot of time. Time you previously had just for the two of you.

We got told the importance of making time for each other once baby came along. It’s easier said than done. 19 months down the line we’re still not finding the time, we had more than we did, but it’s still not enough.

How has becoming a dad affected you? Was it the life changing moment you thought it would be?

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