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Life Changing Beauty Tips

By Glossqueen @Gloss_Queen
That's a lie, I'm pretty sure beauty tips won't change your life, however now that I've decided that I'm an expert I've started using click bait titles, hahaha. Just joking, I'll stop after this post. I do have a few pearls of beauty wisdom to share, so here we go.
Try applying your face mask with a flat foundation brush. Oh my goodness. I had no idea how much better it is to apply face mask with a brush! It makes the application a lot easier, less messy and you get even coverage. 
Apply your mascara with the wand held vertically instead of horizontally. Holding the wand vertically makes it easier to get to all the lashes so you get more volume and definition. 
Those of you who like me always have a hair tie around your wrist will like this one. You know how you stretch it to the perfect size then lose it? Here's the solution. Put a few hair ties on your water bottle to stretch them. After about a week they're the perfect size and if you lose one you have a few more ready and waiting. 
If you have dry skin, add a drop or two of oil to your foundation before you apply it. I put a drop on my make-up sponge, put the foundation on top then apply it. My skin stays hydrated and the foundation goes on a lot smoother. This will only work with oil based foundations. 
This trick also works really well when applying concealer under the eyes, it prevents creasing.

After you've finished doing your make-up, lightly patting a silicone based primer over fine lines and enlarged pores helps to blur them.

That's all I've got. What are your tried and true beauty tips?

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