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Liebster Award!

By Poorva @beautifuljrny
Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing good :) i haven’t even to post at all but really wanted to do this interesting post where i was awarded this award by Sayantini of a very sweet blog.  She has given me this Liebster award! Liebster-Blog-Award-41 I’ve answered the questions asked by her -
  1. Which is your favorite blog? Ans. – Indian Vanity Case
  2. What/Who empowers you the most? - My Family
  3. Which is the first blog that you followed? - IMBB
  4. Which song in your mobile/i-pod that you’ve listened to the most? – Most recently, Tum hi ho
  5. Which is the first cosmetic brand that you have bought from? – Maybelline
  6. Which is your favorite online shopping site? – Used to be urbantouch, none at the moment
  7. If you could go back to past and hug and say thanks to somebody, who would that be? - My Grandmother
  8. Your favorite YouTuber? – Jen of
  9. Name one thing in your closet that you can’t go out without? - Jeans, duh! :P
  10. One quote that you wish the world would live by? - can’t think of any at the moment but I really wish things would be more fair in this world! 
  11. A blogger that you are following who deserves more views/ followers than they have? - Shikha of Sorellegrapevine  she deserves much much more, she’s very talented! 
So, that’s it! I nominate the following people for this award - All of you! all of you are equally special to me and you all deserve this award :) All you have to do is answer the same questions I did in a post on your blog! And don’t forget to leave the link of your post in the comments below! Have fun :) I’ll see you all soon :)
Liebster award!

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