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Liebster Award

By Gray Eyed Athena @grayeyedowl

I was so pleased and honored to be nominated for this award by one of my favorite bloggers over at Evaporating Mind – Reflections of a Wasted GirlThank you!

When nominated, the following rules apply to the nominees:

1. Post 11 things about yourself.

2. Answer the 11 questions posted by the nominator.

3. Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.

4. Create 11 questions for them to answer.

5. No tag backs! We wouldn’t want people to get double-nominations.

11 Things About Me:

1.  I am a twenty-something girl with Greek heritage, born, raised, and living in New England, US.

2.  I would like to pursue a career in event planning.

3.  I love pilates and yoga and watching the sun set at the beach.  I am a health-seeking, supplement-loving, gluten free foodie.

4.  I studied classical piano for 16 years and dabbled in classical harp for 2 years.

5.  I work in a hospital and I volunteer for a local sexual assault response service.

6.  I love dogs, sunshine, moving water and fresh everything.  I love Christmas.

7.  I am the oldest of four children, I have a younger sister and two younger brothers.  My parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary in 2013.

8.  I am an almost-well-adjusted ENFP.

9.  I love my boyfriend dearly.  We’ve been together since January of 2010.  We live together in a little house five minutes from the beaches. He goes by “B” in the blog.  He struggles with anxiety, as well as vicarious PTSD, and he snores and but that’s okay because I love him very much.

10.  I have a diagnosis of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Depression/Anxiety from a sexual trauma when I was 17.  It also could be argued that I have PTSD from a very traumatic ski accident from 2005.  I have had nine concussions and have chronic sleep, mood, pain, and memory issues that, I believe, are directly related to TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  I was diagnosed Bipolar II at age 22, but I strongly believe that this was an inaccurate diagnosis.  I was diagnosed Anorexic at age 22.  I don’t consider myself to be anorexic at this time, however, I do accept my eating disordered behavior.

11.  I am a victim and a survivor, and hell-bent on living.

11 Answers For the Nominator:

1. What’s your best memory?  I competed in debate for many years in both high school and college and was ranked nationally in both.  I have many vivid memories of awards ceremonies and rounds where I left as the victor, and those are undeniably some of my favorite memories.  There’s nothing like cold hard metal awards to prove you’re good at something!

2. If you could go back in time, where would you go and why?  I would go back to the Roaring Twenties in the US.  I don’t know if I have Great Gatsby on the brain, but right now the swingy dresses and carefree attitude of that time period sounds perfect.  Also, I always imagine it at summertime, and I need summer!

3. Do you have any talents? I think so!  I can cook, play piano, and argue.  So if there’s ever a situation with a hungry, music deprived angry person (and let’s be honest, what hungry, music deprived person wouldn’t be angry) I will probably excel.

4. Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?  Married, kids, dogs, my own event planning business, a non-profit 12-18 year olds debate organization, and a beautiful home with lots of land so I can have horses and chickens and a garden.  I’m pretty bland.

5. What would you do with a million dollars?  Pay off all of my, B’s, and our families’ debts, start my non-profit, pay for school, buy a big house near the water with lots of land for my aforementioned animals and veggies.  Hire a housekeeper and people to make sure I don’t kill all those veggies.  And probably spend about 1/2 of it on shoes and bags, since you can’t have too many of those. 

6. Who is your favourite artist?  I don’t know that I have a favorite artist out of all the Greats, but I do love art.  I tend to have favorite small artists that I discover on handmade and curated website like Etsy.  Right now, I’m loving the bright colors and whimsical messages of Laura Amiss.

7. Favourite book?  My all time favorite book (and I love so many books!) is “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway.  I’m a sucker for saying more with less and a good story; that book has both in abundance. 

8. Do you believe that marijuana should be legalized?  Yes.  It’s a freaking herb.

9. Do you want children (if you don’t have them already)?  Someday, but probably not for at least 5 more years (I’m 24).  I love my family and can’t wait to create a similar, happy dynamic!

10. What is the most daring/dangerous thing you have ever done?  Sneak through Chinese police lines at the border of Tibet to get into the town where I lived for 3 months while teaching English at a girls school.  I stayed in hiding the whole time I was there!

11. Are you an introvert or extrovert?  I am an extrovert who still needs her alone time.

Blogs I Nominate: (in no particular order)

1.  Love Letters to Bee

2.  Silent Secrets

3.  Mothering a Cutter

4.  Fat Ballerina

5.  Heroette

6.)  A Little Crazy in the Coconut

7.  Growing Into Peace

8.  The Effexor Diaries

9.  Crosshearted

10.  Not Your Victim

11.  Recovering Anorexic

11 Questions For the Nominees:

1.  Who is your biggest role model?

2.  Do you prefer dogs or cats?

3.  What is your ideal vacation?  Busy and sightseeing, hanging out on a beach, skiing in the Alps?

4.  What is your creative strength?

5.  Where do you find beauty?

6.  Do you prefer small groups or large?

7.  Are you organized or messy?

8.  Do you prefer coffee or tea?

9.  What’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

10.  What’s the story of your first kiss?

11.  Why do you blog?

xoxo, g.

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