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Libyan Winds of Change and Thoughts About the Time

By Luphil

I tonight chatted with a friend from Austria living in Benghazi, Libya. She wrote that no one would have imagined that so many people would be ready to stand with their lives for their country, the people and freedom. It is is the most spiritual time she ever experienced and an overwhelming experience to be in midst of this upheaval. Many governments in the West would have preferred that everything goes on like ever before and to call out a bit here and there against Gaddafi, but continue to collaborate. What happened in Libya people experience like a wonder which could not at all be foreseen and what gives an impression of what is going to happen in 2012.

I sent her some lines of what Sri Kumar said at New Year’s day about the present year:

“A lot is being talked about the unity and peace of humanity but very less effort is being put forth in that direction. Every human being thinks that he should be happy and all his friends and relatives should be happy but when it comes to action, very little is being done for the welfare of fellow beings. There are many spiritual and service organizations all over the globe talking of welfare and peace but not much action is being done in that direction. Everyone should put effort and contribute their part for the welfare of humanity.
In the present situation, we cannot say that this year would be highly prosperous for us as we can see that there in crisis around. The political scenario in India is highly alarming. Even the most powerful and developed nations in the world are in a state of turmoil, economically and politically. Even though India is economically developing, its political issues stand as hindrances to economic development. So this is our present state. This state may continue for the next 5 years. In such a state, just by thinking that everything should be fine is not enough. A strong effort should be put in that direction.
We cannot do anything individually to change the scenario. The only thing we can do is to pray. This is because no one will change their ideas and accept others ideas. Everyone believes his own truth. There is one truth which is the combination of all these truths. To know that truth we should dissolve all our ideas and pray to the Lord. We should pray for the welfare of humanity, our country and also pray that the political leaders of our country should transform into better ones or they may be replaced with better leaders. Just praying for our own welfare or our family’s is no spirituality.
Also we should pray for the welfare of the ones serving the society and the country. In any organization or society or country, there are 20% such sincere workers. It is through them that the Lord works actively. Our prayer should add strength to such ones as we all benefit by the work of such ones.”

She said that it is exactly the same in Libya and maybe that the radical changes will be an example for other countries as well. It is so inspiring to see that the “spoiled kids” went out into the streets and have risked their lives and in many cases lost their lives for the common weal. They are praying a lot that no more blood is spilled and that this striving for peace and joy might be a model for the world and might become a wildfire of freedom. And at the same time continue to strive and to keep in contact with the inner centre in midst of all turbulences.

Libyan Winds of Change and Thoughts about the Time

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