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Liberating from Old Patterns of Suffering.

By Luphil

Last Sunday I was in Oberägeri, in central Switzerland near the beautiful Ägeri lake. Anton Styger  had invited for the baptism of his new CDs on “Liberation from old patterns of suffering” and “Meditations and Soul Journeys“. I had made his acquaintance last months at a seminar on healing near the Lake of Constance and bought his books afterwards.

My wife and I were very impressed by them, they opened the doors to a deeper understanding of the subtle worlds and how to help people to liberate from karmic patterns, foreign spirit influences or to help departed ones who got stuck in the border regions to the physical world. Anton, being highly clairvoyant since his early childhood, had done a lot of liberation work and discovered through his journeys that millions of departed souls got stuck in the nether regions of the subtle worlds. This happens when people suddenly die, in accidents or in wars, and don’t realise that they are dead and don’t believe in a life after death. Their mental structures create for them the surrounding they have constructed themselves during life time, and so they are stuck in their patterns. Others got stuck because they realised after departing that they had hurt others and keep on trying to change something, without having the means for it. And many who died through wrong living, drugs or excessive kinds of living, are also caught in the cobweb of their desires. And the churches haven’t been of help, ignoring reincarnation and the planes of the worlds beyond.

Anton is working since years to help people to understand the subtle causes of suffering, and many came to him because they were at their wits’ end, also the graduated “specialists” in the fields of healing and psychology. In the last years he stopped with individual interventions, since the requests went into hundreds and thousands, and so he is now teaching groups and giving seminars.

At the CD baptism last Sunday about 100 persons had assembled in the hall. Anton and his soul mate Antonie came and greeted most of the people present. We had a short exchange and I told him that I would like to clear with him a point which had preoccupied me for a while. He said that after the lecture he would take some time.

Liberating from Old Patterns of Suffering.

He then spoke for half an hour, here are some thoughts of his talk:

“We all have brought our problems with us, but the good elements are also there. When we suffer we connect ourselves at the same time with the collective suffering of the world, and this can be very intense. We might feel pain which isn’t ours, and we should in no case identify with the suffering personality parts. As a spirit we connect with the true love, but never with the negative energies, we have to mark ourselves off immediately. When we go into suffering and don’t insulate ourselves, we easily get loaded with negative energies from the astral worlds.

With the help of prayers and rituals we can liberate ourselves from patterns of suffering. Many have the experience that the strains then go away quickly. But afterwards you have to continue with a constructive liberation work to dissolve the patterns, so that you get free from them and don’t take them with you through the whole life and thereafter. Nothing goes away by itself, also the impressions from previous lives. The CD show how to also dissolve feelings of guilt and rejections. We have taken over many opinions from the parents, grand parents and the like, but we have to be with ourselves. When we want to come to the source of life, we have to swim against the stream.”

Afterwards Anton presented the persons who helped him producing the CDs and then “baptised” them by sprinkling some water and speaking a beautiful prayer, invoking the Divine and the angels to help people finding help through these teachings.

Afterwards a little band started playing and people were invited celebrating the occasion with cakes and coffee… Many came and talked to Anton, I waited for a while until he found a moment for me. We went into a side-room where we spoke about my question. He took his tensor and measured with it some questions relating a situation connected with previous life events. He gave me some indications which were of a great relief.

When driving home I had a very peaceful feeling, having now closed the last chapter of a long story.

Liberating from Old Patterns of Suffering.

Even ad-agencies of insurance companies make now posters visualising beings of subtle worlds -  from a just running ad-campaign at the main road of our village.

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