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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
On Thursday 28 February the young Ash Lister and I facilitated a workshop for the LGBTea Party at Blackpool's Town Hall.   After watching an incredibly moving short film titled Keep Taking the Tablets, focused on 'how science and technology has shaped the lives of three older LGBT people living in the North West', the poets moved into a meeting room to write. We had 18 participants which, as anyone who is familiar with poetry workshops will realise, is a huge turnout!  The theme for the workshop was 'Memory and the Senses'.  We used a variety of fictional characters to draw on our cultural symbols and motifs.  Among the characters to choose from were Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre and the Cerne Abbas Giant (the drawings which accompained the names managed to raise a few smiles - I think I can safely rule out both drawing and anatomy as potential careers). By linking the attributes of the fictional characters to real memories and then imbuing these with sensory details, the participants managed to create a diverse range of poems which are a real tribute to their creative skills.  Jim, Nina and Karen have been kind enough to send me their work to share with you today. 
Del Boy by Jim  LGBTeaTalking, laughing, shooting a line,Flashing some dosh, he cannot decline,The smell of money, taking the bait,A hand full of cash, he just can’t wait!
Del-boy was buzzing, adrenaline high,Like a buzzard encircling, high in the sky,Swooping down fast, ensuring the kill,Del-boy laughed at the ‘ker-ching’ of the till. 
Lady Macbeth by Nina
Ammonia burnt nostrils and sore stinging eyesLGBTeaHarsh brush scratching flesh, intent on disguise.
Dazzling white light  reflects on the knifeSmall figure bent over, scrubbing for her life.
Frantic and desperate, wincing:  It chafes!Rabid wolf underground, scrabbling its escape.
Rapid and darting, nails bleeding and raw, Disinfectant stenched air scrapes her throat like a saw.
Dragon (Homage to Welsh Rugby)
LGBTeaby Karen
The mighty roar echoes around the valleys.
The fiery breath shoots across the sky.
The blood red color rises slowly.
The mighty voices lift on high.
The swell of pride and passion rises.
The dragon fills the crimson night.
The creature swoops and dives, a glorious sight.
The roar of victory ends the fight.
The Dead Good Workshops continue on 30 March at Blackpool Central Library.  They run from 11am to 1pm and the next theme is Shakespeare.  The workshops are free and we'd be delighted if you would join us.

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