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LGBT Voters Are Solidly In The Democratic Camp

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Jobsanger
LGBT Voters Are Solidly In The Democratic Camp
LGBT Voters Are Solidly In The Democratic Camp
These charts were made from a recently released Gallup Poll. That poll surveyed 88,802 adults between January 2nd and June 30th of this year, and because of the huge sample, has a margin of error of only 1 point. About 2,767 LGBT voters were surveyed, and that sample has a margin of error of 2 points.
While I find these numbers interesting, they are certainly no surprise. LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender) voters are simply voting in their own best interest. They know that the Democratic Party supports equal rights (including equal rights for same-sex marriage and non-discrimination in employment), while the Republican Party continues to play to their bigoted base (who hide behind religion to deny equal rights to the LGBT community).
The crazy part is that the Republicans are throwing away votes with those bigoted policies. At least 53% of the LGBT community identifies itself as either conservative or moderate (especially in fiscal matters). Those voters would be open to voting Republican if it was not for the bigoted policies embraced by the Republican Party.
Now some may think this represents an insignificant number of votes, but that is just not true. The latest census figures puts the number of LGBT Americans at slightly more than 9 million. That is undoubtably an undercount, since many in that community are still closeted.
In short, the takeover of the Republican Party by bigoted teabagger/evangelicals has resulted in the party throwing away millions of votes. And when you add those votes to the ones they are throwing away by their anti-immigrant, anti-minority, and anti-woman policies, it is hard to see how the Republicans could regain the White House anytime soon.

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