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Letters to littles:June 2011

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Inspired by Sausagemama and Zoie at TouchstoneZ, I am writing a monthly letter to my children. If you would like to join in or read others' letters, check out the linky here.
Letters to littles:June 2011
Dear Defne,
You are 4.5 years old now. You will never know how much joy I get watching you grow up. You are a really outspoken person now. As much as this annoys me sometimes, I hope you always speak up for what you believe is true.
This month, you have started reading some of your books and I  love listening to you.
Jumping and bouncing is a favorite activity now. The last two weeks had been very rainy and 
you got very cross when we couldn't go  to the playground.But at least you jumped in the puddles.
Last week, I was invited to your nursery school to spend a session with you. You were so excited and enjoyed playing hide and seek with me in the garden.
Last week, you also met The Gruffallo at our local bookstore. You cuddled him and asked me if it was real. And I said "yes, of course. Look, he's real!" A few minutes later, the staff told you kids that "There's no such thing as a Gruffallo" and invited you to shout out loud : "There's no such thing as a Gruffallo". Oh dear, the relief on your face :)
 We bought a bicycle for you and you are very excited about it. We are not using stabilisers so daddy gets very tired holding you all the time, but I am sure you will learn it very soon.
You sleep until around 8-9 am these days (you normally wake up around 7.30) One day,daddy was a bit late and when you saw him downstairs, you said "has daddy come back from work?" Apparently you were confused to see him at home, which made us laugh a lot.
One of your friends is moving back to her home country Japan very soon. Now you keep asking when you will go to Japan and you claim that you can speak Japanese.
These days you show great interest in the planets. Daddy showed you pictures of them and the day, out of the blue, you said Saturn is a bowl and has a hula hoop around her waist! Lovely!
I am so proud with you.
Dear Derin,
You are 18 months old now. You have grown so much lately!
Your favorite activity is bouncing on the bed. This really stresses me though. You absolutely have no sense of danger and keep bouncing on the edge of the bed. I keep telling you that you should bounce in the middle, which apparently makes no sense to you yet.
You love playing peekaboo. Making towers and knocking them down is another favorite.
You love the garden. I enjoy it so much when you show me the strawberries and say "mama, mama" which means food in Turkish baby language ;) You love eating them.
You have finally understood that, constantly  pressing  the on/off button on the stereo, means we can't listen to the music at all. I am really grateful for that ;)
Sleeping bunnies is a  much loved song of yours now and started curling on the floor like the other children  when the song begins.

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