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Letters of Our Alphabet

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
   Most contributors this week have chosen to look at letters and letter writing. Well, I am going to look at it as letters of the alphabet.
  Now I am pretty useless at arithmetic. I had extra tuition in arithmetic before the 11 plus exam..absolute dunce ! I cannot do mental arithmetic, to this day. Then when I moved up to secondary school the maths teacher insisted that all our working out be shown because then if the end result were incorrect we could refer back and find the error.( I did in fact pass O grade Maths and Arithmetic.)  How sensible and I still do that.
 Now, letters and writing have no such qualms for me. I adore words and the letters that form them and often wonder how learners of English as a foreign language cope with the complexities of our tongue. I was so interested in this that I took a correspondence course on teaching English as a foreign language, even though that was not required for my own teaching. In order to help me I assisted with language courses at the school I taught in , where I acquired a smattering of elementary French and German (.I had been denied languages at school myself due to the constraints of the timetable).
 Of course that's wonderful , after all these languages use the same letters....though not always with the same pronunciation. I'm sure that other forms of writing 'letters' would find me floundering. But how wonderful to write different letters where some languages have many more !
Letters of our alphabet  
 This morning I had breakfast out and jotted down a few lines.....
            I'm good with letters,
            Rubbish with numbers.
            Love codeword puzzles-
            Loathe mental arithmetic.
            I'm into polywords,
            Abhor algebra.
            Interested in non-cryptic crosswords.
            Logarithms make me shudder.
            Enjoy reading,
            Confused by sudoku.
            ( What is the point of sudoku ? )
            Like to play with words,
            But count aloud on my fingers.......
    Thanks for reading, Kath
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