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Let There Be Light...and Fabric

By Kerrysteele @kerrysteeleart
Let there be light...and fabric
Thanks again Linda of Calling it Home for hosting this ORC linking party. Fill your coffee cup this is going to be a long one. I felt bad for the lame update last week and promised a two-fer this week with lots of meat...er, light and fabric.
Let there be light...and fabric
This darling vintage number was an Etsy find with no lampshade or working socket, I discovered. I went everywhere around here looking for a shade. I finally remembered Commonwealth lighting in Old Town Fred and hit pay dirt. The nice man found me a shade and replaced the socket for $15. The funny part is that I really wanted a vintage brass lamp. I looked online and in antique and vintage stores locally but had no luck in getting the right thing for my budget. I went down to my basement yesterday to put something away and there was a vintage brass lamp, laughing its brass off saying, "You don't know what you haaaave" It was my husband's and I feel OK about it because I think its too big. Just let me think that, OK?
Let there be light...and fabric
The ceiling fan had to go. I got the semi-flush mount at Home Depot.  Here is my rant for the day:  Builders, is it too much trouble to paint that last inch around the hole before you hang that fugly ceiling fan? Apparently it is. That is why I had to buy the medallion. It was either that or paint the ceiling. Like that was going to happen! I think this was a happy ending problem because I like it better with the medallion than without. Yes? Let there be light...and fabric
Last is this cutie on the desk from Homegoods. No story, just chrome and Lucite goodness.
Let there be light...and fabric
Here is a sneak peek at the bed. I will post all sources at the end but I just want to talk about this awesome Kantha quilt.
Let there be light...and fabric
I love it! I found it in this Etsy shop. It was a bit of a splurge for this room but worth every penny.
Let there be light...and fabric Set backs this week? Why yes, just a little one that had me ironing for days.
Can I just talk about the sheets for a minute? You know the ones you can't even see *sigh*?
I have quite a few very nice quality sheet sets for this bed but none just the right color and after ironing not just the bedskirt (12 inch drop very hard to find), the duvet cover, curtains and one set of wrong colored sheets, I decided I needed different sheets. I did have a older set of white sheets that were about to be retired to the drop cloth pile but the top edge was fine. Out came the iron again and I realized that they were sheets made before mile thick mattresses and were too small to even tuck in. So I panicked and went shopping. After ironing more sheets, turning down the quilt and top edge just so and placing the pillows, it dawned on me that they could have been pink with purple elephants. Crap. Next week I am going to fold them down real far. The other main fabric is the linen curtain from Ikea.
Let there be light...and fabric
The quality has vastly improved on these since I first saw them five or six years ago. They are actually hemmed now. I think I would like to shorten mine but its fine for now. The curtains have a generous rod-pocket and back tabs but also gathering tape.
Let there be light...and fabric
If you pull and tie these gathering tape strings you can achieve an even gather that will stay gathered. The curtains are a nice weight and slightly sheer.
Got a ton of stuff done this week. Next week...ART! To do list: 1. Throw away box of Mike's Hard Lemonade empties in the closet and scrub everything including carpet.
2.Paint walls
3. Source vintage furniture and accessories
4. Move Queen bed in
5. Install new light fixture
6. Trick out the bed with cool pillows
7. Hang curtains

8. Hang art including 2 custom paintings
9. Final zhush and fold down top sheet so the pristine ironing can be enjoyed. You can catch up on my previous posts HERE and HERE  and HERE   

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