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Let the Truth Be Told - Forever.

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
I am an avid cinema-goer. I like to watch the previews and select a couple of must-see films to see in the coming weeks. These days there are often so few people in the auditorium that I am surprised that the industry remains profitable. Perhaps my own selections are not mainstream: not in tune with popular viewing pleasure.
Some films have an effect that lasts well beyond the cinema experience. I am reminded of Spielberg's incredible Jaws. I went with my parents and can honestly say that we were all petrified and perched on the edge of our seats.
I 1993 I went with my husband to preview Jurassic Park, unsure at the time whether the movie would be too scary for my young son to view. The scenes with velociraptors still remain with and like Jaws, the sound track still evokes and emotional response.
There is one film experience that I will never forget because the effect on the viewing audience was simply incredible. Leaving the cinema after a film, the departing audience are usually chatting, discussing their favorite scenes. Leaving the cinema after watching Schindler's list was a completely unique experience. Everyone left in complete silence. The effect was profound.
I knew all about the holocaust. There was a TV series called Auschwitz that had educated and informed my own generation of the brutality of the Nazi Jewish genocide during WW2. I expect that for many in the audience that night, the Spielberg portrayal may have been a first encounter with the truth about the Nazi death camps that murdered over 6 million Jews.
What I find so difficult to understand, is not that the younger generation may not  aware of those horrific events but that there are people who vehemently deny that they actually took place. t is my hope at The Holocaust should be taught in schools across Europe in graphic detail. Only in this way can we be certain that a new wave of Nazism cannot take hold in the future. The truth has to be told: the eyes and minds of every future generation must be opened wide.
Let the Truth be told - forever.
The Naked Truth

They were forced into cattle trucks
And shunted to this place,
So far from prying eyes,
Where looming towers
Overlook the rows of huts
Cramped with rough wooden bunks.
They are stripped of belongings,
Heads shaved and barcodes
Cruelly inked into their forearms.
Names replaced by numbers
Pride replaced by shame.
A man they call ‘the doctor’
Mauls the women’s breasts
And then selects
Some to the left -
Some to the right.
Now they stand huddled in queues
A hundred at a time
Stripped and hopeful for a shower
They muddle in
They urinate and defecate in fear
As the cannisters release the pungent gas.
And now their bodies lie tangled
In piles of naked inhumanity
Shovelled into brutal ovens
As their ashes fall
Like snow upon the ground
Without a sound.
Hundreds of futures
Lost forever
And yet decades on
Many try to deny the Jewish holocaust
The naked truth
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