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Let the Sun Shine

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The blond twin is obsessed with being blond.  Recently I suggested that her hair was really more of a light brown than a true blond.  A few days later a friend noticed that the blond twin's hair was getting darker.  The blond twin defended her blondness both times.
She keeps saying, "I'm blond just like my Daddy."  Of course, Daddy isn't really blond anymore, but that's a different topic.  She won't accept anything other than being blond like Daddy.
Recently she had a chance to admire her cousin's really blond hair.  While Alyssa paid for her blond streaks, she did offer this to the blond twin, "You know, there's something called Sun In that my friends use to make their hair blonder."  Alyssa, her friend and the blond twin had a lengthy discussion about how Sun In works and where to buy it.
From that moment on, the blond twin has talked about Sun In.  Last Sunday I broke down and bought it for her.
Yes, I know I should be telling her that she's beautiful even if she's not blond.  I know I should not be encouraging her to buy in to the idea that she needs to do something to her hair to be beautiful.  Still, I stepped up to the counter and bought a bottle for each girl.
While the brunette twin doesn't want to be blond, she does like the idea of having highlights.  They have a friend whose mom is a beautician.  This girl shows up with all kinds of crazy colors in her hair.  For Halloween she had orange streaks near her face.  One day she came to Daisies with pink streaks framing her face.  It's cute because she's so young.  If the brunette twin wants red highlights, I am okay with it.
Of course, I also told them that if they want to have pink or purple streaks they can.  The rule is they have to have normal color hair by the time they start looking for a job.  I made it clear I'm not okay with a head of pink hair, but a streak or two is fine with me.  It's probably something I should have cleared with Daddy first, but I didn't think about it.  While he doesn't care much about their hair, he might have an opinion on pink or blue streaks.  Now we'll never know since Mommy already gave the okay.
I figure that eventually they will lose the ability to wear pink streaks or spend summers in the sun so that their hair develops highlights.  If this is their idea of fun, so be it.  They should enjoy it while they can. 

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