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Let The Dreams Begin

By Accidentalxpert @AccidentalXpert

Pregnancy dreams are too good to not jot down. And you must do it immediately after waking up because by morning they will be too vague to even try.
The latest dream was interesting.
Danny and I had gone out to enjoy what apparently was a wine and cake resturant. Why no one has thought of this brilliant idea yet is beyond me.
In my dream I was enjoying a red sweet wine and a cake that seemed to be some sort of yellow cake with a fruit salad of some sort as the bottom layer. I had to search for a photo so you could get the full effect of this delightful dream.

Now........toward the end of the dream prior to waking...... the staff removed a patient for transport. Judging by the patients actions I realized I was in a mental facility. Hell...... at least the cake and wine bar inside the gates was great. Sign me up.

Let The Dreams Begin

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