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Let's Talk Sports Bras (and Boobs)

By Alustforallseasons @bgstrzelczyk
Let's talk sports bras (and boobs)
One of the most common questions I get -- from friends and strangers alike -- is "what sport's bra do you wear?" You see, I'm genetically cursed blessed in that department  (34 D or DD) but I'm very good at controlling the bounce (which I think impresses people -- as it should).
I've probably tried every sports bra on the market,  and after blood, sweat, and tears (I did a 4-mile run with cone-boobs courtesy of the Ta-Ta-Tamer), I've FINALLY figured out what works: adjustable straps and a clasp back. Those two things are pretty much non-negotiable in my book. You don't necessarily need underwire (one of my favorite sports bras doesn't have it) but that usually doesn't hurt your case.
Here are the bras I swear by and I run in regularly. (I also have a Gap Body one that I LOVE but that's no longer available). No, they're not pretty -- and they also have names like "full-figure" which makes you feel AWESOME about yourself -- but they ARE the best sports bras for big boobs (or so I say).
  1. Champion Shape Scoop-Back Full-Figure Underwire Sports Bra $46 (on sale for $36)
  2. Moving Comfort Fiona Bra $46
  3. Moving Comfort Juno Bra $56 < --- Warning: you may pull a muscle putting this one on. It's a challenge but at least it lets me wear a racerback tank top! 
I really want to try out the Under Armour Armour Bra -- the bra design varies per size, which is pretty genius. Any one tried it before?
Oh and also! I've tried the Enell Sports Bra -- you know, the one Oprah swears by -- but it's REALLY intense, takes forever to put on, and is pretty much is the ugliest things ever. I sent it back before I really got to test it out but I felt like I was suffocating.

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