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Let's Talk About It in the Car

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1

Whenever the girls ask something we can’t discuss wherever we are at that moment, we’ll say, “Let’s talk about it in the car.” Sometimes I say it. Sometimes the girls say it.
Last night the blond twin and I were at The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. I had seen the show before and it seemed like something the girls would enjoy. When I received two tickets, we set parent/daughter dates. Daddy and the brunette twin played miniature golf, had dinner and then came home to watch movies. The blond twin and I went to dinner and then to the show.
We were about at the first act’s conclusion when one character started talking about another contestant’s sister. He went on and on about how cute she was, even waving at the audience as if she was in a seat. I won’t give away the show by saying that he develops a condition that distracts him from his word. He misspells the word and is out of the contest.
The show alludes to his condition, but doesn’t say it out loud. It’s very, very funny, but not quite appropriate for a ten-year-old. The blond twin leaned over and said, “He peed in his pants, didn’t he?” I smiled and said, “Something like that.”
When the second act starts, the actor comes out singing a song about how his erection caused him to misspell the word. The audience roared it was so funny. The blond twin leaned over and said, “Let’s talk about this in the car.”
And, this is how we ended up talking about erections on the way home from the show. As a general concept, I tend to answer the questions they ask about sex or reproduction without giving all the details. The blond twin asked what the song was about and I gave a simple answer. She asked a couple other questions and then turned on the radio.
She loved the show. She laughed and laughed and laughed. She told her sister all about the different characters and their quirks. So far she hasn’t mentioned our drive home conversation again and I won’t bring up the topic. I’m sure that at some point when they are snuggled in bed our drive home conversation will the discussed. I’ve decided that the next time either one wants to discuss the topic, I’ll send them to Daddy. It’s his turn to have these embarrassing conversations.

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