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Let's Take a Walk Around the Block

By Plantedd @Plantedd

Someday we'll go places

New lands and new faces

The day we quit punching the clock

The future looks pleasant

But at present

Let's take a walk around the block.

How could you turn down that offer from Ella Fitzgerald?

I listened to Ella and went for that walk around the block last week after a meeting at the Glasgow Botanic Gardens (oh, the hardship!). The good work of the Botanics must be rubbing off because the front gardens in the area were in good shape.

It's pleasing to see normal gardens that are cared-for and planted with things that the owner loves. The scale and confidence of professional gardens is enjoyable but I was happy to cleanse my palate by taking in some gardens that had a little bit more in common with mine.

Here are some pictures I took from my walk around the block.

Photo_17 Photo_16 Photo_15 Photo_11 Photo_10

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