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Let’s Recast a Film 1 – Pixels

By Newguy

Let’s Recast a Film

You know how us film fans always want to recast a film, well this is my latest project where I pick one star to add or replace another in a film. Some of these are going to be serious choice while others will just be for comical reason. If you have a film you want me to recast leave us a comment below and I will come up with my own spin on the film.

Film: Pixels


New Star: Ben Stiller


Replacing: Adam Sandler


What they will offer:

·   Smarter humour

·   Better supporting comical actors

·   Believable in Comedy

·   Still Funny

Why I have picked this star: One of the biggest complaints about Pixels is Adam Sandler’s humor throughout, it goes against the world the characters are meant to be a part of. When you look at Sandler’s previous works he has only worked with CGI a couple of times and all highly criticised work in Bedtime Stories, Click and Little Nicky. Ben Stiller on the other hand has been part of the hugely popular Night at the Museum franchise where he has to work with CGI creations throughout, Ben also has the ability to blend into many different comical roles be it serious dead pan, over the top (Tropic Thunder), even villainous comedy (Dodgeball). While I am only recasting Ben you would think if he was involved in this film he would bring the rest of his Frat Pack into the film. I would also like to believe that Ben could have bought in a mix of his comedic styles which could have made the leading character have actual emotions.

Why I haven’t picked other cast members: It wouldn’t be difficult to recast this whole film to improve it the one character I always hear people talk about replacing would be Kevin James as the president, I personally found this funny casting choice because his character reminded me of the time when George W Bush was President. As for the rest of the supporting cast with the right lead they might just work, so I will leave them all there for now.

How will this change the film: Ben will bring a sensible level of comedy to this film, he won’t turn to lazy jokes giving us a mature comedy performance that will still be popular for all ages to enjoy this film. If I was to bring one of his characters into this film it would have to be Larry from Night at the Museum.

In conclusion I have pick an actor that would make Pixels a better film experience all around one for all to enjoy.

Will you be going to see this new version of the film?
Who would you rather see in this film?

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