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Let's Play with Tomatoes {Our First Project} : : Oh Happy Plates Group

By Aldy M. @AlDenteGourmet
Let's Play with Tomatoes {Our First Project} : : Oh Happy Plates Group
Our first project together! Yes! I'm very happy to announce The Theme of This Month {but I suppose you already guessed it by the title } "Tomatoes",yes! we will be composing a picture about "Tomatoes".
One of the most beautiful foods on earth. A simple fruit with the most rich and amazing variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors. Heirloom, Cherry, Roma, Plum, Pear... Some of them are red, yellow, green and even purple! Are you picturing some images in your mind, already? ... ... I believe so.
Tomatoes are interesting and absolutely beautiful to style too. And that's what makes them so interesting to me. Glorious fruit,indeed! But don't just take my word for it, I invite you to explore your thoughts and find out yourself :)
So to make you feel more motivated about this project, I created some guidelines that you can use before you start shooting.
Here Some Guidelines to Compose your Picture:
After you've chosen an idea for the tomatoes, keep in mind these basic guidelines:
Shape Think about the shape of the tomatoes.Try cutting tomatoes in different shapes. Use props {plates/chopping boards, backgrounds, etc.} see how they look.But remember tomatoes are the star of your scene and the props only help to enhance your composition.
Color Think what will make your composition pop up. Add some color...may be some garnishes?
Balance Think about shape +color and try to create a harmonious effect between the two. Remember, simplicity is also beauty.
I would also suggest you to read ''the food styling tutorial for food bloggers'' {that you can also download for free here} - you will find helpful tips there.
Submitting your Pictures:Please Read.
WhenYou can publish your photos the last day of the month {which means -for this month- August 31st} So remember that you have a whole month to create your Pretty Tomato Picture. And submit your photos at:
First-Our Oh Happy Plates Group Board here 
Second-And creating a post of your photos at your blog with the title of our group and the theme of the month; this month---> Oh Happy Plates Group: Let's Play with Tomatoes. Share your thoughts and spread the word about our group, so we can have more fun! Hopefully interacting and commenting on each others pictures too.
How many Photos Can I submit?
You can submit from 1 to 6 pictures. So If you submit only 1 there's no problem at all. As long as they are related to the Theme of The Month.
Let's play,yes. And remember "You are the food stylist"- So, have fun, make "the tomatoes" the star of your pictures. Make some Happy Plates!!!

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