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Apple Compote Recipe

By Aldy M. @AlDenteGourmet

Apple Compote Recipe (Child-Friendly) & Choosing to Live Slow for a Better Life
It was a hot summer afternoon - as it usually is in my hometown - you could feel a slight breeze coming through the window and at the same time the craving to eat a refreshing bowl of ''Apple Compote''. I’d love waking up from a nap during those weekend days in my childhood and hear my mother’s voice calling me and saying; Come, the compote is ready! As she smiled and took a big jar of apple compote from the fridge letting me know that relief was on the way to take out the overwhelming heat. A delightful bowl of cold compote was presented and with that a beautiful moment of pause and reflection. No pressure, no distractions, no need to eat in a hurry. Just the simplicity and enjoyment of eating this light dessert and the sound of nature. 

I miss that.   I miss that season of “Taking the Time To”. Because in that mindful, effortless process of eating I could connect deeper with the food that I was eating, find awareness in my surroundings I was somehow experiencing a sense of healing in my whole body. — Living Slow vs Accelerated Life
I question myself; Why does it have to be different now? ... Why do we have to live in a constant "hurry up mode"?... Is it perhaps because of the responsibilities we have as adults? Or because of the choices we make.  Although a big part of society and companies in the market are strategically using modernity to disguise our choices and push us to believe "that living a fast pace life and in constant movement" is the most logical and enjoyable way to live in this era". The truth is that the concept of living slow/ taking the time to do something — and in a less chaotically way — still is a better way of living. And not as many call it; a thing of past generations – when people used to have more time to cook, more time to prepare their own food and more time to live daily life having extra care for living consciously! 
But if we stop and think about it for a moment, before people didn’t have access to all the commodities and electronic equipment, we all have in today’s world to simplify our home chores and outdoors activities. They did everything by hand and with much more effort. And yet most of them still have the time to seat at the table, eat all together, laugh and to connect with one another throughout these moments. — Choosing Slow Living to Realise Pressure  & Modernity Tools Slow living is not a thing of the past, on the contrary, it is and should be part of our modern society as well. So many people are suffering the consequences of living life under the constant pressure of “Not having Time to Do Something” that is becoming more and more stressful for a lot of people to live this way. Really, let’s take this as a wake-up call of slowing down. And while all the tools provided by modernity offer us are an incredible and very helpful way to do pretty mucheverything these days. Just take these tools as what they are; tools to make life easier and less exhausting and no the other way around
Let go of the pressure and don’t let other things  or people take your joy just because you chose to be more caring and conscious in the way you live life! And most importantly don’t let ‘'Not having Time To” become the ultimate justification for all those things that can bring you a deeper connection with life. Believe me, I’m telling you this because I’ve learned the hard way.  — What I have learned from Slow Living? Letting go of all that pressure and things that do not contribute to your well-being just becausethroughout the simple process of slow living was one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done in my life. It brings healing and more awareness of your whole-self and life. Guiding you intuitively to create moments of deeper connection to your body’s needs, your thoughts, emotions, and spirituality. So, let’s choose wisely where we put our time, effort and attention. Life is good, and living slow and a more conscious is even better. đŸ™�

This is why I choose this "Apple Compote" recipe! Because its simplicity of flavors and effortless preparation represent an invitation to remember that within the traditional, simplest things there are also the most valuables. 

In the meantime, I leave you with this recipe, you can either eat it cold or at room temperature. You can make this compote with apples or if you want to combine this with another fruit you can try this apple and pear compote recipe, I’ve shared with you a while ago in this post here. Where I also talk a bit more about the health benefits of  "Fruit Compote".

Big Hugs,
Apple Compote Recipe (Child-Friendly) & Choosing to Live Slow for a Better Life


3 Small-Medium Red or Green Apples
1/2 cups Clean Water
Organic Cane Sugar or Sweetener of choice to taste  
Spices: 1 Bark cinnamon, 1 cloves
1/2 Vanilla bean, scraped, optional
Preparation:1- Wash, peeled, deseed and cut apples into quarters. Place apples into a saucepan. Add water and spices. 
2- Then cover and bring to a boil. Add sweetener of your choice. And let it cook slowly on low heat for about 20 - 25 minutes. Or until apples are tender but not to soft. When ready remove from heat and let it cool completely. Pour compote into a jar or small jars and keep in the fridge. Serve the compote cold or at room temperature.

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