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Let's Draw Blood

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The pediatrician said she thought the bump on the brunette twin's neck was a lipoma, essentially just some misplaced fatty tissue. She asked about a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease. Since both run in my husband's side of the family, she ordered a lipid profile for the brunette twin.
The brunette twin was not happy that she was going to have blood drawn. She asked a lot of questions in great detail. She talked to Daddy about times when he had blood drawn. She researched cholestrol and started talking about what food was good and what was bad. She talked to her friends, one of whom already had a lipid panel done. It turns out doctors routinely order lipid panels for children with a family history of high cholestoral starting at age nine.
The morning of the test we tried to keep the brunette twin's world as routine as possible. Daddy walked the dog. Mommy cleaned up the house. The girls played. The only difference was we didn't eat breakfast when Daddy came home from walking Oreo. The brunette twin had to fast before her test.
When the tech called the brunette twin into the office, she stood up and started crying. The tech looked shocked until we explained that the brunette twin had never had blood drawn before. The tech was kind and gentle, but the brunette twin clung to me. It was over before she worked herself into a panic.
Once it was done the brunette twin was exhausted. She proudly showed off her bandage like a war wound. Her pride lasted until we were at the restaurant when she ripped the bandage off. By the time breakfast arrived, she was chatting about the experience like an old pro.

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