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Let Go! Let God!

By Djrelat7 @djrelat7

let go let godLet Go, Let God. I’ve mentioned this phrase several times over this past year and I always mean it. I say it from my heart. Last week I forgot that important phrase. I let someone’s actions effect me far more than it should have. I combed over different responses I could have made but didn’t. I don’t like conflict. I’m a peaceful person. However, if you rub me the wrong way the old Arelis rushes to the surface. I let her out for a whole day. One day is too long to let someone steer you in the wrong direction. Has anyone rubbed you the wrong way?

Daniel and I visited another parish on Sunday morning and that was the overall message. Let go, Let God. In life we sometimes feel like our pleas are not answered fast enough. We pray and pray and sometimes nothing. The priest reminded us that it is our faith that we must hold on to because God is working on our prayers. He knows what we need and the exact moment when we will need it most. If you’re waiting on something to happen, keep praying. Pray on solutions. In the mere act of prayer, you are releasing into the world what is troubling you most. After you have this conversation with God, take a moment to mediate. In that moment your answer may come. If it doesn’t come immediately, have patience, God works in His time and is working for YOU. Trust its on the way!

luke 17; 5-10

When someone acts out against you, don’t take it personally. Sometimes things are happening that you can’t see and their acting out their frustrations. Chances are it has nothing to do with you and all to do with them. Everyone has their storms and crosses to bear. Pray for strength to keep yourself together and not choke that person. Remember … Let go let God.

When someone rubs you the wrong way what’s your first reaction? How do you move past it?

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