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Lessons From Shark Week

By Stacylrust

So, due to the fact that I’m moving in 3 days and my apartment is a mess, I’ve decided to push video-making back one more week. I’ll have a video for you next week, promise. And then you can see my new place!

Now… I’ve never been a huge fan of Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. Let’s be honest, I’ve thought of it as a bunch of geeky shows about the anatomy of sharks? I don’t know… I’ve always been confused about how an entire week of tv could be devoted to one species… UNTIL THIS YEAR!

Shark Week is amazing, I really can’t get enough!!

Here’s a few takeaways from Shark Week so far (in case you’re not as consumed by it as I am…)

  1. If you are attacked by a shark, try to hit the shark in the eye or in the gills. Sharks have really strong noses, so if you hit them on the nose, you are just wasting your time.
  2. If you see a school of fish nearby, get the hell out of the water. Young sharks feed on schools of fish. Also, young sharks are not taught by their parents what to eat, they have to figure it out on their own. They are attracted to schools of fish, but will really bite anything they see to find out if it’s something they may want to eat. (Yep, that includes you)
  3. Don’t swim in areas that are KNOWN FOR SHARK ATTACKS. Seems pretty common-sense, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who swim in these places anyway.

Sure, you’re probably never going to have to use this advice, because you probably won’t ever get attacked by a shark. But if you do, you’ll have a little background knowledge that might help you out.

If I’ve learned nothing else from Shark Week, it’s this: always be prepared.

Sure, bad stuff probably won’t happen to you… you probably won’t get attacked by a shark, you probably won’t get sued for millions of dollars, you probably won’t develop a product that causes mothers to have children with 10 arms and 10 legs. But what happens if you do?

In business and in life, too many people walk around ignoring possible dangers. They are more comfortable pretending threats don’t exist than confronting them and coming up with a plan of action. They always tell themselves that “it won’t happen to me”.  But you need to be ready in case it does.

Have insurance in place to cover lawsuits against your company. Have strong contracts prepared by a lawyer to prevent disputes. Do your homework, do your research, have due diligence when it comes to watching your own back. Don’t be naïve as a business owner, make sure you have all your bases covered. Hopefully bad things never ever happen to you, but if they do, make sure you’re prepared.

With that being said, don’t panic. I have two great recommendations, one that will help you feel safe in your personal life, one that will help you feel safe in your business.

1. Tim Larkin, founder of Target Focus Training, has a really unique and fresh perspective on self-defense. It’s worth taking a look at. He has tons of free content on his site that will change your perception of violence and the need for self-defense training. I truly believe everyone should have some degree of self-defense training. There are plenty of crazy people out there, you should know how to protect yourself.

2. Jessica Eaves Mathews gives tips and advice about how to keep your business out of legal trouble. She’s brilliant and has TONS of great videos! (and lots of free stuff to check out) Hopefully your business will never find itself in a sticky situation, but you should be ready in case that day ever presents itself.

Check both of these people out, they are fascinating and will help you feel safe and secure in all areas of your life.

And as for sharks, please reference the 3rd piece of advice given above one more time. DON’T SWIM IN SHARK-INFESTED WATER!!!

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