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Less Plastic, More Fantastic

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

Is my dictum for this year, at least for the top patio...

Less Plastic, More Fantastic

This Agave geminiflora is looking fabulous. It deserves the the dignity of a nicer looking pot.

Last year I did a sort of 'whimsy' style of displaying potted succulents and was very pleased with the result. And as a bonus it received good feedback too. By going with the anything goes style of displaying pots (but actually carefully displayed) I justified to myself that it's ok to mix in ordinary plastic pots in amongst the ceramic, glazed, and terracotta ones. The end result turned out fine and I was happy with the outcome.
Less Plastic, More Fantastic

However I can't keep denying to myself that those cheap nursery plastic pots don't bother me. Most of the key plants on display then were in those plastic pots and if I'm going to do a similar display again this year I wouldn't be able to ignore/tolerate them this time.

Less Plastic, More Fantastic

So why did I keep them in plastic pots when replacing them with glazed ones were easy enough?

Answer: because plastic pots are light.

Plastic pots have there uses and many advantages too, one of which is being light hence easy to move. With most of our succulents and xerophytes not hardy enough to remain outside all year round they will need shifting indoors before winter sets in. The bigger specimens are tricky enough as they are to shift and it'll even be more difficult if they are in heavy pots.

Less Plastic, More Fantastic

Both Agave geminiflora and Agave ocahui will have new glazed pots this year

But aesthetics will win this year and I'm determined to have less plastic on display at the top patio. It'll be more effort to move them later on but I'll cross that bridge nearer the time.

Less Plastic, More Fantastic

Work in progress

For the rest of the garden however, I don't mind them quite so much and tolerate them far more.
Mark :-)

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