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LEO Privacy Guard – App Review

Posted on the 20 January 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

The growing of technology has mandated us to change the way in which we store information. Traditionally, letters and notes were sent to pass messages across. Today however, with the many gadgets and the internet, you can send messages to a person instantly. This technology is almost as beautiful as it is ugly. Not to say that technology is bad but that as it has made it easier for information to be passed from one person to another, it has made it that much easier to steal information and to access secret data from one person to another. For this reason it is mandatory that everyone finds a way to keep private messages, information and apps safe from people who do not need to see it.

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Review Leo privacy guard V3 is an android application that is designed to keep applications and any information safe from the eyes of other an authorized people. It does not matter whether the person you are looking to hid information from is a friend, a spouse, a nosy roommate or the secret service, this application is meant to ensure that what you do not want shared, is kept private.

  • The best part is that your phone will be running just as it normally does.
  • The PIN or pass code will only be required if the person tries to launch an application that you have locked.
  • This will give you the peace of mind that your information is safe.
  • You can create different modes on the phone. For example if the person you do not want reading your messages and using your applications is at work, the pass codes can be dropped once you reach home because you have set that home is safe.

Unlike other applications in the market that claim to keep your documents safe, LEO privacy guard does more than just keep your data safe, it makes the process simple, fun and it definitely makes you feel like you could work for the NASA.

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The application is cartoonish and thus removes the seriousness in the security process involved. It makes it such that people may think you are just using a fun application to keep your phone looking pretty. Although this is a matter of personal preference, the many users, who have tried the application, because it makes it more fun to add security from your phone and keeps your phone from looking too plain love the cartoonish nature. The application has great wallpapers you can use for your phone.

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What is the Best Part of App Lock

You will notice that once you have locked an application a person trying to open the application will be asked to do something like pulling down the zip faster or slower depending on the skin you have chosen. This is just the applications way of tricking the user into thinking they are just trying to open the application the wrong way. The real way of opening the application is only known to the actual owner of the phone. This makes it safer for people trying to hide information from friends or spouses as it will not look suspicious at all.

LEO Privacy Guard – App Review
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WHAT'S NEW in LEO Privacy Guard

1. Add crank interception function to prevent crank call
2. Add FAO function for easier, more and effective assistance
3. Optimize privacy scanning for better experience
4. Better interface design for better view
5. Reduce power consumption and optimize performance of app

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LEO Privacy Guard – App Review

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