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Leg Drops & Licked Taco Shells : Part 1

Posted on the 07 June 2013 by Nelle @ImSoJheanelle
The last two weeks have been a whirlwind of bad press for R&B sensation Miguel and Fast food giant Taco Bell.Just in case you have absolutely no idea what is going on recently in entertainment news, allow me to briefly update you on the first section of a two part blog series.

                                           Miguel's Billboard Leg Drop Injures Female in Audience.

R&B Singer Miguel was performing at the Billboard Music Awards and in the heat of his performance, he leaped from one side of the stage to the next. This leap was great for showmanship but he broke his fall on two females that resulted injuries.Examine the animated photo below : 

Leg Drops & Licked Taco Shells : Part 1

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    According to Twitter posts from bystanders, Miguel stayed backstage with the  girl and offered to escort her to the hospital. The media definitely had a field day with the singers’ stage antics, but there were mixed feelings about the incident.  At first, it seems she was in greatcondition, now the headlines from the Huffington Post reads, “Miguel’s Leg Drop Victim May have suffered Brain Damage, Might Sue”.

Leg Drops & Licked Taco Shells : Part 1

Headlines from

With news like that, it is time to put both PR teams to work; Prometheus Global Media (parent company of Billboard) and Miguel.However, it sees asthough the Billboard has started to clear their name in the incident By releasing a statement claiming that they did not clear Miguel to make the jump. Miguel’s response to Billboard’s insinuates that they did not say that he couldn’t jump. How can anyone prove these statements from either side?
Leg Drops & Licked Taco Shells : Part 1
The solution to this PR trauma is quite simple.  The main concern in this instance is Shah (victim); both Miguel and Prometheus teams should reach out the family. What I also notice, is that Miguel or Prometheus did not formally apologize. In the excitement of the Awards, it is possibility that the proper words were not said. Maybe lawyers advised that an apology is the admittance of guilt, but legalities aside, Miguel should at least issue a public apology to the Shah and her family. Whether or not Billboard gave him to clearance to jump, as humans, we have a moral responsibility to help those we hurt. There should be photos of Miguel and Shah together , ascertaining about her well-being. Now, if those pictures started circulating the web then it will overshadow the memes and Miguel jokes, and his reputation can be salvaged. If in fact that Miguel does get sued, it should be amicable inside or outside the courtroom.                                                     That is what PR would do.
In any case, will there be stern restrictions on live stage performances from this day onward? Will there be audience members located so close to stage? Exactly what would come out of this incident?To all the future live stage performers out there, please be careful.

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