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Leeds 999 Call Hoax – Misuse of the 999 System.

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
300px Northumbria Police 41 Leeds 999 Call Hoax    Misuse of the 999 system.

A Northumbria Police Ford Focus In Tyne and Wear, England (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leeds 999 Call Hoax – Misuse of the 999 system

On Monday at 10.53 am a 999 call sparked off a police nationwide appeal to find ‘ Ellie’ and her mommy who had fallen and wasnt moving. Ellie only knew some of her address and details and unusually for mobile phones the one she was using couldnt be traced. The call lasted 33 mins while the 999 operator frantically tried to find their location and the police scoured all resources. It was a frightning situation.

It turned out the call was made in Bridlington. It was the work of two very stupid ten year old girls who were prank calling.

While collectively I am sure the police and followers of the appeal breathed a sigh of relief there was no small child begging her mom to wake up , helpless and alone there was anger too.

How could two ten year olds do this? Why would they?

In this country anyone can dial 999 and expect immediate medical help or police, fire, coastguard help if need be. Its a free service. But the question is , is it abused?

The operators get hundreds of hoaxers every day thinking its funny to watch services race to false scenes. Wasting tax payers money, resources, taking vital help away from genuine people ..its a sick trend.

For over half a hour these two idiot girls duped the operator, so where were the parents? What do the parents think? Should the police charge them with wasting police time.? Should they apologize to the people who were frantic with worry? How do we teach the children and other hoaxers there is a line you don’t cross?

999 is a  privilege its not a game

Should more be done? Should calls be screened?

What would you do if it was your child doing it?

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