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LED Lights & Their Various Uses

By Lili Gomes @_roselili

Light emitting diodes (or LEDs as we popularly know them) are cheap, durable and efficient sources of light that find their use in a wide range of applications nowadays. Apart from being included in various portable electronic gadgets and monitors of computers and televisions, they also serve as commonly preferred options for household lighting and advertising media like backlit graphics . Places that utilised high output bulbs previously have now switched to LEDs because the latter has been proven to last for several years even when used regularly.

Led lighting panel

Light emitting diodes are excellent light sources for plenty of applications. Since they do not consist of mercury, they are also quite safe to use. In fact they may even be utilised for testing circuits that require high voltage current. Their very first versions emitted visible light in a single narrow spectrum that made them inappropriate for certain tasks. Modern LEDs are, however, more versatile and found even in several novelty products. There are even options which emit UV light and may be used as decorative elements in parties. They can even be stored in compact places and used for special occasions such as weddings, Christmas celebrations, birthday parties, reunion bash and anniversary ceremonies.

Computer monitors and flat screen televisions need active backlighting for generating a conspicuously visible image. Earlier, this need was largely met by fluorescent bulbs until light emitting diodes came into being. LEDs included in arrays within the monitors and TVs allow for illumination of those portions that need to be lit, which decreases power consumption. In addition to that, LEDs also have a natural tendency to consume less energy for operation.

The low power requirements of LEDs have also made the task of designing mobile phones and tablets much easier. This is because contemporary mobile devices generally employ light emitting diodes as indicator and back lights. On the other hand, exhibitors also use the effectivity of this technology in various types of advertising media. The materials required for constructing such advertisement media are easily available in the market, such as lite film for LED light pocket, which makes it easier for traders to have their own displays made out of light emitting diodes.

Another common usage of LEDs are flashlights, which can be bought cheaply and generally last longer than their incandescent counterparts. Even traffic signals are now fitted with LEDs in order to ensure considerable amount of energy savings.

LED Lights & Their Various Uses

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