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Lebara Mobile Mega Plan Bonus

Posted on the 30 January 2012 by Prepaidplans @prepaidplans

Buy a $39.90 Lebara Mobile Mega Plan Starter pack online between 25/01/12 and 29/02/12 and receive a BONUS $9.90 Mega Recharge voucher. The Mega Recharge voucher can be used to top-up your included call credit for international calls and data, at Lebara’s standard low-cost rates. Customers who purchase Lebara Mobile Mega Planonline will receive a Mega Plan Starter pack ($0 SIM card and $39.90 Mega Plan recharge voucher) and a BONUS $9.90 Mega Recharge voucher.

Offer rules
Offer available from 25/01/12 and ends on 29/02/12. We reserve the right to extend this offer at any time during the offer period. This offer is available only to customers who purchase a Mega Plan Starter pack online during the promotional period. Standard Terms and Conditions apply.

How do I get it?
Purchase a $39.90 Mega Plan Starter pack today

Once you have received your $39.90 Mega Starter pack, you will need to:

Activate your SIM
Use your $39.90 Mega Plan voucher to redeem your call credit . You will need to use your $39.90 Mega Plan voucher first, to access the Mega Plan.
You can also top up your included call credit at the same time using your $9.90 Mega recharge voucher.

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